Royal Insignia begun its history creating Orders, Decorations and Medals for members of the royal family, and since then has its fate constantly intertwined with royal courts from around the world. Having mastered the historical art of medal making, the luxury house brought its impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional creativity to the world of fine jewellery and gifts. Providing our clients with yet another avenue to indulge in the unsurpassed style that is distinctively Royal Insignia.

Today, we continue to captivate our clients with the one thing we have always been doing – Our Creativity. We are dedicated to fine craftsmanship and quality – a total experiential journey for the devout. Step into a world of unsurpassed glamour and luxury with ROYAL INSIGNIA.

Ivan Hoe’s history is one of passion, private confidences, and unexpected journeys.

Beginning his journey as a young sales man at a medal workshop in Singapore, his work took him to Europe where he had the opportunity to meet old medalist and craftsmen from the continent who were experts in the field of Orders, Decorations, and Medals. It was on one of his trips to England that he met the founder of an old medal house. This gentleman would eventually teach Ivan everything that he has yet to know about medals; from the difference between the honour systems of France and Britain, to the secret to achieving a flawless finishing in vitreous enamel. Benefiting from this new wealth of knowledge, Ivan Hoe soon found customers in Asia, the African continents, and the Middle East regions.

Three decades later, Ivan Hoe left his former employment to carve a name of his own. He founded ROYAL INSIGNIA, a luxury house designing and manufacturing Orders, Decorations, Medals, Military Swords, fine jewellery, and fine gifts for members of the world’s Royal families and international ministries.

Today, with 27 years of experience behind him, Ivan’s strict adherence to the pursuit of perfection with his team of gemologists, designers and master craftsmen enables the most precise demands to be met, from concept and design to the realization of the pieces de resistance.