Metaphor of a Vow



Tale of a Royal Wedding Gift

On a cool spring morning, the smell of dew and freshly cut grass filled the air. Peals of laughter erupted from the garden, echoing down stately halls to reach the library where he sat, reviewing official documents. Abruptly he rose from his seat, signalling two attendants to rush to his side. They fussed over his robe and hair, aiming for nothing short of immaculate.

Accompanied by the two attendants, the young monarch strolled leisurely down the corridors to arrive at the palace garden. A parasol was readied over him as he crossed the threshold and approached his family, all engrossed in conversation over fragrant hot butter tea and copious amounts of khur le.

His eyes drew to her graceful form intuitively. Adorned in a white tego and kira, she looked almost angelic as she sat in the grass, reading a children’s book to the little ones. She turned from her storytelling to flash him a gentle but radiant smile. Emboldened, he leaned toward the group and asked if they might be interested to accompany him on a hike to bring back some cosmos flowers for his mother.

“I’ll come along with you.” She volunteered, causing the kids to promptly follow suit.

And so the hiking party embarked up the mountain in search of cosmos flowers, fussy attendants and all. They eventually stumbled upon a field of them, swaying gently in the spring breeze. Just as he was about to pluck a few that he found particularly striking, she placed her hand on his arm.

“Let’s leave them here. I’ll paint a picture of them for your mother instead.”

Touched by her kindness, he couldn’t help but say, “When we grow up, if I’m not wed and you’re not wed, I would like you to be my wife.” It was there, amongst a field of dancing flowers, that he made a vow of love to her.

Promises are made as an act of a commitment to something or someone. There are varying types of promises; some are made solemnly and commemorated with a ceremony such as marriage vows or military oaths, whereas others may be made under legal binding contracts enforceable by law. An oath or an affirmation may be considered a promise, however, at ROYAL INSIGNIA, our gifts are much like vows, signifying a sense of commitment to our work, and our customers.
The Immortalization of A Memory

Time is an unstoppable force which inevitably erodes memories or emotions. It is through reminders to ourselves and our loved ones that memories are retained and immortalized through time. Reminders could be represented by little acts of love, or permanently manifest itself in a timeless gift.

Throughout our history as purveyors of fine gifts, ROYAL INSIGNIA demonstrates a sensitivity for poignant gifts such as the bespoke wedding gift for the Bhutan Royal couple, King Jigme Khesar Namgyei Wangchuck and his wife, Jetsun Pema. The gift design was inspired by traditional Buddhist symbols such as the bhavacakra (wheel of life), which represents the essence of Buddhist teachings. Gilded in 18 Karat gold, the piece was set with a resplendent melange of precious stones including diamonds, yellow sapphires, rubies and citrines.