Arabian Gulf Super Cup



The UAE Super Cup, commonly known as the Arabian Gulf Super Cup, is the curtain-raiser of the Emirates football season. Played between the previous season’s Pro-League winners and the President’s Cup winners, the championship produces outstanding teams and individual players on both the club and international level.


In the year 2018, ROYAL INSIGNIA was approached by the Arabian Gulf League to design and craft a bespoke trophy that could capture the spirit and excellence of football. Our designers drew from the UAE’s rich culture and heritage to create a trophy that was modern and uniquely Emirati. In the lattice structure extending from the base of the trophy, our designers have crafted a careful allusion to the palm tree, a symbolic and important plant integral to UAE’s historical identity. Designed to replicate the extending branches on the palm tree’s leaves, the gold gilded palm lattice is a representation of the emirate’s civilization and resilience.

Moving away from the traditional design of a trophy cup, our designers engineered a modern trophy with grooves along the crown of the trophy inspired by the Al-Jahili Fort in Al Ain. A marvel of architectural prowess, the fort was constructed in 1891 around the Al-Jahili Oasis by Sheikh Zayed to protect palm farmers and residents. The fort remained a residence for the Al Nahyan family even after Sheikh Zayed the First passed away in 1909.

Key features of the Arabian Gulf Super Cup logo were also weaved into the trophy design. The diverging columns extending from the trophy base represents an athlete’s journey of perseverance, determination, hard work as he or she ascends to greatness. The top of the columns are embellished with two gold gilded stars – an embodiment of the notion of integrity, victory, and sporting excellence, a testament to the glory and honor of being an athlete.


The final trophy was crafted by our team of master craftsmen. With over three decades of experience in the crafting of the decorative objects for royal families and ministries from around the world, our craftsmen merge cutting edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to create products that will stand the test of time.

Bespoke trophies are a symbol of glory, honour, and sporting excellence. At ROYAL INSIGNIA, we work hard to ensure that your champions are not only rewarded, but remembered. Contact us at or give us a call at +65 6732 3456 for a non-obligatory proposal.